Saturday, June 13, 2009

Some Thoughts from Devotional Today

Hello All,
I found this quote during my devotional this morning. This is from a man named Cotton Cordell. "Teach a kid about GOD, Hunting and Fishing and no drug dealer in the world can ever touch them". I do not know how many of you know how to hunt or fish but I hope that you take the time to learn about God. We are trying to help you find ways of spending time with God and experiencing all that is good in his world.
I have found in my life there are two places that bring me extreemly close to God. When I go hunting its cool that I get to carry a gun and wear cool clothes. However with the gun and clothes comes the responsibility of safety. Thats where the goofy orange hat comes in. If I do not wear the hat I risk the chance of being shot or worse being killed. In your life at school or out with friends do you wear the orange hat that helps you to stand out for God or do you just try to fit in to pass the time? The other aspect of hunting is that you need to be extreemly quiet. I hate quiet! But when I am quiet I can hear, see and feel God even more than if I were to run wild and may be see a couple of signs along the way. Where do you find complete quiet for God?
Fishing is whole different way that I have learned to experience God. There two types of fishing. Back country which is a lot like hunting requiring total silence while tracking the fish and ocean fishing. I prefer ocean fishing because its a lot like life. I go out into the ocean at the start of the day and all is well with my life and by the end of the day there could be a storm approaching with the ocean kicking up 10 foot seas. 10 foot seas is not fun especially when you are responsible for the safety of all aboard. That is usually in life where I look to God. Our life is spinning and it feels like we are going under. But if I take the time when the seas are calm and look out realizing how grand God's world is and praise him for it, the rough times will be easier to navigate. Do you take the time to see God's world or do you wait until things are not going so good for you?

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