Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Thoughts

The summer affords us a lot of down time where we can learn alot about ourselves and others. Once on a hot July night I was messing around on my block with some older kids and at first everything was cool. But as the night progressed we started to more and more stupid things. Around 9:30 one of the older kids produced some fireworks. Not some but a garbage bag full. As we began firing them off I thought to myself this is so cool, what a great night, these guys are cool, they realy are thinking about me and I think that I can trust them. About 9:45 the police came and we all scettered. I wound up hiding in the bushes on the side of a house with one of the new friends that I have made and thought was so cool. As the police turned the corner 2 things happened. 1 I realized that I was going to be in alot of trouble and I was not feeling well. 2 the friend that I was hiding out with had left and I was all alone. Out of the five of us, I was the only one that got cought. After sitting in the back of the police car and my parents comming out to claim me from the police I had to face my parents. I do not think that my parents spoke to me for a week and I stayed in my room for at least that long. When they finally spoke to me the topic was not all about the fact I was brought home by the police but the fact that I made a stupid choice. Fortunate for me I had a sister that was getting in more trouble than me and the summer was not lost.
The point is that I made a stupid choice that could have had a bad ending. At that time in my life I had not givin my life to Christ and thought I could do this alone. The reality is the simple passage from Matthew 9:9 "As Jesus went on from there, he saw a man named Mattew at the tax collector's booth. "Follow me," he told him, and Mattew got up and followed."
This is a great passage because of 2 words "Follow me". They are challenging words that echo in my head every day.
Take some time this summer when its quiet and there is nothing to do and think to yourselves "Follow me". Its not about stuff you want, its not about friends or getting ready for a new school year, its about God and and a great question that he asks us all the time. Will you "Follow me" this summer.

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