Friday, December 21, 2012


Calling all students grades 9-12 to invite all of your friends and get registered NOW for a life-changing weekend you won’t soon forget!  We will enjoy much needed time away with God and friends the weekend of March 15-17. Enjoy a weekend away, rockin’ live band, tons of great food, fun night-games, huge bonfire and guest speaker Doug Damon. Registration is $185 and includes lodging, meals and transportation. Scholarships are available.
Invite all of your friends - you can register ONLINE by clicking here or on the image above . . . by DOWNLOADING PAPER FORMS by clicking here or on the button on the right hand column . . . or by grabbing forms outside of the Student Lounge.
Questions, contact Steve Janssen at

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


As our church celebrates our 175th anniversary, we are going to celebrate God's faithfulness by sharing His love with our neighbors in very practical ways on Sat, Oct 20.  Click the image below to find out more about the various projects - and to SIGN UP TODAY!!!  ( Seekers are going to World Impact, so please sign up accordingly )

Saturday, August 4, 2012

the Great Escape 2012

Great times . . . Great friends . . . Great music . . . Great teaching . . . Great God!  Only 51 weeks until we get to go again!  Nearly 500 students and leaders had an awesome week growing in our relationship with God and each other.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

SHARE NJ2012...a look at our amazing week!

NOTE: before you click play to watch this, scroll all the way down until you see the "playlist" on the right that looks like an iPod . . . then click the pause button . . . otherwise, you will hear other music playing at the same time and it could be distracting & confusing  -  thank you, and enjoy.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

SHARE NJ2012 update

An incredibly committed team of students and leaders have been having a great week giving ourselves away by serving others and living life together and strengthening relationships.  Some have been scraping & painting, some have been doing yard work & landscaping, some have been replacing a kitchen floor and repairing a wheel chair ramp.  Each have been encouraged and inspired to keep following the example of our Lord, who gave Himself away to humbly serve and show us the love of the Father.  More updates will come along at the end of this amazing week . . .

Saturday, June 30, 2012


We have hit the ground running!!! School got out ( officially and finally ) last Friday, and we wasted no time heading to the beach. Some of our high school students spent this past week worshiping God, deepening relationships, soaking in some sun and shocking the volleyball world at Fun in the Son.
This weekend is basically about doing some laundry, because we are getting ready to move into the church on Sunday afternoon for this upcoming week while we "give ourselves away" during SHARE NJ2012 and serve others locally by working on various projects at private homes & mission partners.  Some of our eager and energetic middle schoolers are going to jump in for a couple of days later in the week.  It's going to be exciting to see what God will continue to do in and through the lives of our amazing students.  Stay tuned to find out more . . .

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


If you weren't already looking forward to this summer, YOU WILL BE NOW!!!  For middle school ( completing 5th-8th grade ) you can bring friends to The Great Escape camp on the campus of Univ of Pittsburgh - Johnstown, PA, July 30-Aug 4.  For high school ( completing 9th-12th grade ) you can bring friends to the Fun in the Son camp on the beach in Ocean City, MD, June 25-29.
In between those two things we have our Share NJ2012 Outreach during the week of July 1-6 in which we will be giving love away by serving others in a variety of potential ways like home repair, painting, ramp building, cleaning, kids ministry, etc . . . around our local area and reaching to places like Newark & Jersey City.  Middle School can likely help during the day on Thursday & Friday . . . and High School & College students and adults will sleep & eat at the church ( like we have at schools when we've gone out of state ) and have PULSE-style services & more each night.  Parents, please let me know how you would like to be involved.
More details will follow . . . a Share NJ2012 information meeting will be on Sun, March 4 at 12:15 in Multi-B.
You can download forms for The Great Escape & Fun in the Son by clicking on the images down the right hand column . . . and start making your plans NOW!!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012


middle school students . . . invite all of your friends to join us for a fun night on Fri, Feb 3.  permission slips will be emailed to you, available outside the Student Lounge or by email request here.  don't wait . . . get signed up now!