Wednesday, February 8, 2012


If you weren't already looking forward to this summer, YOU WILL BE NOW!!!  For middle school ( completing 5th-8th grade ) you can bring friends to The Great Escape camp on the campus of Univ of Pittsburgh - Johnstown, PA, July 30-Aug 4.  For high school ( completing 9th-12th grade ) you can bring friends to the Fun in the Son camp on the beach in Ocean City, MD, June 25-29.
In between those two things we have our Share NJ2012 Outreach during the week of July 1-6 in which we will be giving love away by serving others in a variety of potential ways like home repair, painting, ramp building, cleaning, kids ministry, etc . . . around our local area and reaching to places like Newark & Jersey City.  Middle School can likely help during the day on Thursday & Friday . . . and High School & College students and adults will sleep & eat at the church ( like we have at schools when we've gone out of state ) and have PULSE-style services & more each night.  Parents, please let me know how you would like to be involved.
More details will follow . . . a Share NJ2012 information meeting will be on Sun, March 4 at 12:15 in Multi-B.
You can download forms for The Great Escape & Fun in the Son by clicking on the images down the right hand column . . . and start making your plans NOW!!!

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