Friday, May 3, 2019

MAY teaching series

There are injustices all around us. We see injustice in big ways, in small ways, in the world around us, and in our own experiences. In this series, we’ll help students see that God cares deeply about fighting injustice. Then we'll help them discover how they can respond in Jesus’ name to injustice by working to right the wrongs they encounter in their lives, their world, and even in their own hearts.

Monday, April 1, 2019

APRIL teaching series

For some people, the Easter story is a little unclear. (It has something to do with Jesus dyeing Easter eggs with a rabbit, right?) For others, we've heard the Easter story, seen the Easter plays, and attended Easter services so many times that it has almost become white noise. In this Easter series, we hope to challenge students' assumptions and attitudes about the Easter story as we help them see that the story of Jesus' death and resurrection is more than just a story—it's true! And it's good news for the entire world.

Friday, January 18, 2019


Our first PARENTS’ HUDDLE is coming up NEXT Sunday, January 27 at 7pm in the Student Lounge.
We look forward to getting parents together for the encouragement, relationship building, and equipping we need for the most rewarding and challenging job in the world . . . PARENTING!
If you would like to be better equipped to have more meaningful conversations with your teenager(s), then THESE TIMES ARE FOR YOU!!! We will utilize Conversation Kit videos, (here’s a promo) produced by a ministry called Axis, and then discuss them together so we are more informed and prepared to have conversations with our students.
Our January 27 topic will be SOCIAL MEDIA, and then others to follow may include topics like: BULLYING, IDENTITY, DATING, DRUGS, SUICIDE, RELATIONSHIPS, LIFE, etc . . . .
Future dates are as follows: February 17, March 10 and April 7, so please mark your calendar!! Please let me know ( if you’re interested in joining us . . . or have any questions!!!